Notes to the Reader

53 entries

The digital catalogue Van Gogh’s Contemporaries 1: Works Collected by Vincent and Theo features an introductory essay and 53 entries. These entries discuss more than 130 works; this is a selection of the Van Gogh brothers’ complete collection, which includes over 250 paintings, drawings, prints and several pieces of earthenware. A large number of the entries therefore refer to more than one work. The object data, provenance, exhibition history and bibliographical references are available for each individual object. The full contents of the catalogue are shown per entry in the table of contents. The artwork list shows all of the individual works examined in the catalogue, including the front and back sides of double-sided drawings.

Individual entry pages

The main text is the primary feature of the entry pages. The image of the work is in the upper left and can be enlarged by clicking on it. The image always remains on the screen, even when scrolling down. Located to the right of the text is a side panel, which opens if you click on one of the icons. The side panel lists the object data, the images of the front and back of the work (if applicable), the provenance, the exhibition history, the bibliographical references, Van Gogh’s letters if they mention the work (by clicking on the letter number, you will be redirected to the letter on the online edition of Van Gogh’s letters), the figures and the footnotes.

The footnotes and supporting figures are clearly indicated in the entry text. Clicking on a footnote will display its contents. If you subsequently click on the pop-up that appears, the list of footnotes opens in the side panel. The supporting figures are displayed if you click on the reference in the pop-up. Clicking on the ‘magnify’ icon will show the enlarged image in the side panel. If the entry text refers to another work in this catalogue, you can click on the title of the work to go directly to the entry in question.

By clicking on the ‘copy citation’ button underneath the entry, you can copy the reference to the entry in Chicago Manual of Style format. Each entry also has a digital object identifier (DOI), so that every entry in this catalogue is recognized as a unique article. Please see the credits page for terms and conditions for the use of texts and images.

Work in Progress

The 53 entries in this catalogue will be added to this online publication in groups during the course of 2023 and 2024. The works for which an entry has been published are indicated by an icon in both the table of contents and the artwork list. For works for which an entry is not yet available, only the image and the object data are visible. The remaining data will become available once the entry is published.


Inclusive language is used in all Van Gogh Museum communications. This means that no racist or otherwise offensive terms are used outside of the historical context. For the sake of historical accuracy, relevant quotes from letters have been published without revisions, even if these letters contain racist or otherwise offensive terms. The exhibition history of a work may also contain previously ascribed titles that are of a racist nature. The Van Gogh Museum expressly distances itself from the use of these terms in the contemporary context.